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A global network of research and development facilities. Over 4,000 researchers, four international centres to co-ordinate international activities and the world's biggest assembly plant. Put it all together and you have the largest integrated car manufacturing facility on earth.

It all started with just one man, a small repair shop and an insistence on delivering quality that still endures today.

This is the story of Chung Ju-Yung. Born the son of a peasant farmer, Mr Ju-Yung launched Hyundai in 1947 at the age of 32. At first it was a small vehicle repair shop. Then it grew, and became the Hyundai Auto Service Centre. 20 years later, Hyundai vehicle assembly was born. The Pony hatchback soon followed, and today, Hyundai is the fifth largest car manufacturer in the world.



The multi award winning city car that feels bigger on the inside, with plenty of space in the front and back, practical and comfortable for any journey. Including all the connectivity you need, The i10's bold design puts safety front and centre.This is the car that breaks the rules, as small just got bigger.

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The i20 puts you at the heart of everything, whether it is the elegant and refined exterior or the simple and spacious interior. Full of useful technologies, not only does the i20 keep you safe but put you in control of every journey.The i20 gives the perfect mix of performance and economy, making every drive a new adventure.

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The Ix20 is the perfect blend of style and function, with greater visibility at the front and plenty of space in the back, this car is proof that there is no compromise between practicality and design. The vehicle is packed with intelligence technologies, to be efficient in fuel and safety. The Ix20 stands tall for a small car.

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The I30 is a family car that doesn’t compromise. With a bold sophisticated style and improved driving experience, the range of vehicles is designed to suit your needs,with a choice between the hatchback or tourer.The extensive technology adds useability, as well as peace of mind. This is the car that ticks all the boxes.

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The i40 is where quality meets luxury, a car not just for business but for pleasure too, featuring the latest technologies inside and out. Travel in complete comfort, with spacious room for everybody and every occasion, with controlled economy and fewer fuel stops. This is a car designed for any journey.

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Ioniq is all about choice, 3 separate powertrains (Hybrid, Plug in Hybrid and Electric) to suit you lifestyle. The attention to detail for the vehicle is astounding from the aerodynamics, to the safety features. This doesn't stop at the exterior, with the interior being packed with technology.The Ioniq is forward thinking and not afraid to stand out in a crowd.

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The Tucson puts the Utility in SUV, offering performance and power mixed with comfort and space. Packed with features and technology, the car manages to surprise everyone. Whether it’s picking up the kids from school, travelling to work or going on that long awaited road trip, the Tucson is equipped for any journey.This is a car that puts family first.

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Santa Fe

Santa Fe gives you power and versatility all under one roof. Available in 5 or 7 seats, it offers plenty of space for those with bigger family or those looking a 4x4 that can handle all road surfaces. Packed with passive safety systems and more economically friends, this is the car that got it all.

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Live out loud with the All-New Hyundai KONA - an SUV that's as bold as your personality.Available in a range of vivid colours, the newest member of our line-up comes complete with responsive performance, seamless connectivity and daring design that turns heads in any situation. This is car that pushes the envelope in choice, comfort and style.

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